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Waco Pt 2: The debate of a Madman

February 22nd, 2018


Waco Part 1: Madman in Waco

February 19th, 2018


David Koresh.  The Branch Davidians.  Mt. Carmel.  Waco.  These are the focus of the Podcast.  In this part 1 of 2, we look back at one of the most embarrassing events in United States History.  Who was David Koresh, and how did he convince 80 of his followers to stay locked up in their compound while the United States government was waiting to attack?  Who's at fault?  Join us as we look into the life of the Madman living in Waco.

Roswell- It’s a bird, its a plane, it’s a weather balloon? (Revised)

February 14th, 2018


Check out our newest episode on the UFO Roswell crash. Revised to fix sound issues

Debbie Wolfe: If you see barrel prints…

January 28th, 2018


In a very special episode, JJ and Ted examine the tragic death of Debbie Wolfe. Was it accidental or was it Murder?!?!

Pearl Harbor: Where Was Batman?

January 13th, 2018


A date which will live in infamy, December 8th, 1941. What really happened?


December 28th, 2017


In the first part of what will probably become a several part series, we talk NASA; more specifically in part one, what is the history of the organization and why was it created in the first place? We'll give you two possible theories. One of them has to be true, right?

El Chupacabra: The Myth, The Legend, The Thing From Species

December 17th, 2017


The boys return after an unplanned hiatus to bring you El Chupacabra!

Tromp Family: A Berry Bad Trip

December 4th, 2017


This week, Conspiring to Argue looks at the compelling mystery of the Tromp Family, an Australian family of farmers that embarked on an abrupt, "tech-free roadtrip."

…We Got To It (Conspiring to Argue Introduction)

November 28th, 2017


Have you ever wondered about the personal lives of the hosts of Conspiring to Argue? Whether you have or not, we decided to hang out and give the unflinching back-story of how our show came to be.

Manson Update

November 20th, 2017


Having recently posted our 2 part series on Charles Manson, we felt it necessary to address the most recent news that you've probably heard about already. Bonus, Ted responds back to Who's Right in the feud he's calling "Whiteygate."

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